Monday, September 20, 2010

Stepping Back

In Japanese Zen there is a concept called eko hensho.  It's most simple translation would be stepping back.  It's longer translation would be turning the light around and shining (or looking) back.  Either way, what it means is that we step back from our current situation and our current thoughts and we look at the situation and the thoughts with a non-attached perspective.  This is hard to do.  Remember that non-attachment is not not caring.  Non-attachment is not giving up, becoming apathetic, or saying whatever happens happens.  This is futilism.  Zen is the anthesis of futilism.  Stepping back means you take a breath, you clean your mind, and you prevent yourself from running head on without looking in all directions into the traffic of imbroglio.  Again, this might either be a situation in our own lives, someone else's live, or your own thoughts.  Whatever it is, step back, wait, reflect, stay quiet and still for awhile, and then proceed forward with equanimity and compassion.  When we turn the light around and shine it back at ourselves, we ahve the opportunity to illuminate our true nature, the nature of equanimity and compassion.  Whenever we can manifest our true nature we will act, think, and speak responsibly and respectfully, mindfully stepping forward.

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