Saturday, October 26, 2013

Become Who We Are

What we do with our lives is up to us.  We should not just accept who we are but make something of ourselves despite contingencies of birth or circumstances.  Self realization is to become aware of our disposition and talents and passionately cultivate them into something that brings meaning to our lives.   Nietzsche said, “Become who you are.” 

How do we do this?  By the choices we make.  By what we think, say, and do. 

How do we choose wisely to become who we are?  By self reflection and realization  By awakening.

We choose who we will become.  Fate is the world into which  are thrown and the disposition with which we are born, but it is by choice that that we use our fate to our advantage and make meaningful lives for ourselves.  Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher said, “Fate is the person we become and the person we were born to be.”  In order to become the person we are meant to be we must look inward, shine the light on ourselves, and in this illumination, transform ourselves into something important to ourselves.   We create ourselves and we create our lives.  Essentially, we make something of our lives.  Nietzsche also said, “Give style to your character; it is a great art.”

How do we do this?  By believing we will and then doing it.  Will is the push to empowerment.  Empowerment is knowing we always have choices.  Choices are creation.  We create our selves.  We create our lives.  The two are the same.  We are always free.  Freedom is basic to existence.  Legend has it that the Buddha's last words were, “Every person is his or her own prison, but every person has the freedom to escape. Make this the journey and destination of your life.” (translation mine)

Therefore, despite the contingencies and character of our birth and despite our circumstances, we can shape and create ourselves and our lives according to our fashion and our sense of freedom.  We must do this always and again, over and over, until our last dying breath.  Freedom is basic to our existence and responsibility is the essence of freedom. We should, therefore, become passionately aware of ourselves, our potential, and our possibility, pick ourselves up by our choices, and determine who will be will become and who we will be.   

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