Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dependent Co-arising

There is a concept within Zen Buddhism called dependent co-arising.  It means that this moment is made possible because of everything that has ever happened and everything that is happening, and as hard as it is to understand, everything that will ever happen.  You've probably experienced this where you feel that so many variables happened and so many coincidences or connections occurred, and it's this reason that you are where you are.    That is always the case.  We are here now because of everything that is happening in the universe.  Everything is interconnected.  Everything is interbeing.  Everything is interdoing.  This is why the present moment exists: interdoing and interbeing.  Become aware of this and you see the world, yourself, and the moment in a new way, a way that allows you to see your life and the world as happening for a reason, a cohesive and organic creation.

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