Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Here and Now

Being present means living now.  When we live now, we set aside the past and future, we quiet our minds with its fears, hopes, worries, wishes, and goals, and we simply notice what is happening right now, right here.  If we don't do this life passes us by.  We never really feel like we're happy or content because we're always living somewhere else.  Of course we cherish past memories and learn from old mistakes, and of course, we plan for the future and dream big, but we also ground ourselves in the here and now, wherever and whatever that is.  When each moment of our day, whatever we are doing, whatever is happening is one we can appreciate, then our days are filled with meaning.  We can reflect upon them at the end of the day and be filled with gratitude for the small and seemingly insignificant moments that made all the difference.  It is the moments that make our day, and the days that make our years, and the years that make our lives, and so, if we can narrow in on the smallest element we can shape—the moment—then we can determine our destiny.

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