Friday, October 15, 2010

Just Be There

Our thoughts about the moment make a huge difference.  What if instead of saying that we hate waiting in line because we're busy, busy, busy and don't have time for this, instead we say here is my opportunity to just rest a bit?  Just stand in line.  Just be there.  Allow yourself to slow down.  Take a couple of deep breaths.  Maybe notice the people around you.  Don't judge them; just notice them.  Maybe, if you want, pick up a magazine from the check out displays and slowly thumb through it.  Just be there.  Take the moment, one that could be filled with stress, anxiousness and impatience, and instead, turn it into peace and stillness.  Smile.  Take another deep breath.  Calm yourself.  Then, when you get to the check out person greet him or her kindly.  Keep smiling; keep being content.  You are in the check out line.  It is where you are.  You can't be anywhere else because it is where you are, so make the most of it, transform that moment, standing in the checkout line, into something sacred.

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